President Obama Visits Worcester

Two term President Barack Obama has visited Worcester today to be the commencement speaker of Worcester Technical High School. His visit cost the city an estimated $225,000, for local police forces and security. He visits in hopes of bringing light to the school that upholds the American view of what a high school should look like. A white house official states

The school’s combination of rigorous academics and hands-on learning opportunities characterizes the President’s vision for an education that works for America’s students. Worcester Tech is a model of what can happen when a community decides to invest in the success of its young people, And the President is determined to continue making progress for America’s students by replicating the transformation seen in Worcester in high schools and communities across the country.

The president landed approximately 1320 hours (3:20pm), at Worcester airport where his motorcade fastened up for it's 6 mile route to the DCU center. People lined the sidewalks along Highland st to catch a glimpse of the President's arrival.

Two Worcester policemen stand atop the peak of Highland St, awaiting the President

As the President's motorcade passes, protestors roar and wave their signs

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